How to increase traffic
Foreign trade websites, especially new foreign trade websites, want to enhance website browsing. This will require a huge amount of traffic in terms of keywords. However, many people only care about uploading pictures while ignoring the description and scribble Even if the description text. Think the picture is the most important, after all, many viewers only like to see pictures, too lazy to read a lot of text descriptions (text is actually the most important Oh, search engines love to grab text content)! In fact, this approach is wrong. It is best that each product has a different description, especially original ones. (Some people do not understand writing original, this is really a headache, even if it is copy can, it is best to modify the content, do not make a full copy, as far as possible pseudo-original). In some cases, there may be too many products, too lazy to summarize each product, or the description of each product may be almost the same, so it is too lazy to write, if it is true that each product description is similar, at least each The product is filled with content better than not filled. So, we can summarize a few little knowledge:
Keywords layout on the column
Each website will have numerous keywords. Many of them are very good words and you can lay out the columns. Hopefully everyone can go and analyze the content mentioned above.
Keywords on article title
When there are keywords on the column, it is not enough. A website needs to develop, and it must have high-quality articles to retain users. For high-quality articles, there must be a good title to attract users to click. Of course, in seo optimization, we can put him as a growth keyword in the title, so there will be a lot of article page traffic.
Prolonging the cooperation of keywords
If you go to a large company's Web site to research, you can find that the site is not just a column, the keyword appears on the title, more is in the content, the emergence of keywords, and some need to use H1 tags or bold. Of course, most of the keywords in the same column are formed into a meshed layout. Is to read an article, you can see natural content on the relevant keywords within the site links.
How to fill in the keywords of foreign trade website
The foreign trade website has already been done, but many friends do not know how to fill in keywords. The public network studio has summed up some methods here, hoping to help friends who have already done foreign trade websites or intend to do foreign trade websites.
The first step, determine the core keywords
Sit down, open your favorite text editing tool software (such as a word document), open your web page in another window, read your web page from start to finish, and stop to think about the following questions:
 What is the content of my web page?
Which words in the text accurately describe the content of the entire web page?
When someone finds similar information on a search engine, what keywords might he use?
For a single product website, the core keyword is the name of such a product; for a website with multiple products, the name of each product is a core keyword.
The second step is to expand the keyword from the perspective of the customer
For factories that are mainly engaged in processing, such as factories that produce mobile phones, when filling in product keywords, they often only fill in “mobile phones” as keywords, but they neglect to consider them from the perspective of customers. If customers need to process them, they This is generally the search for "mobile phone processing," "mobile phone OEM," "mobile phone outsourcing," "mobile phone production," and so on, with service-oriented keywords. Customers want to understand not products, not want to buy mobile phones, but want to know There are no companies that can provide them with the appropriate services. Therefore, when filling in keywords, it is necessary to consider whether they are engaged in wholesale or retail sales, whether they are engaged in production and processing or pure sales, and it is better to stand at the customer's point of view and expand the keywords.